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We are seeking new colleagues who want to grow with us!
OnePlanet is an NFT launchpad & marketplace powered by Polygon chain.
We’re a team obsessed with creating a platform for people to experience NFTs in a new way.
Our service is growing fast enough to have attracted investment from top-tier global companies at a valuation of **over $70 billion** in just 3 months.
Join us at OnePlanet, where we're building the world's #1 platform for NFTs! Come be a part of our team and help shape the next evolution of this exciting new space!


NFT Partner Project


Amount to attract investment (Seed Round)


Monthly Active Users (2023.04)


Ecosystem for Holders to Define and Realize Utilities of NFT
OnePlanet creates an ecosystem where NFT owners can define and expand utilities themselves, creating a world where people are rewarded fairly based on the value they create.


OnePlanet = “A platform that creates and connects opportunities to utilize NFTs”
OnePlanet believes that NFT has three improvements.
Lack of reason for a particular asset to be made into NFTs
Lack of utility from owning NFTs
Questions about the long-term viability of projects due to producer-dependent structures
And we will solve the above task through the three steps below.
The marketplace that gather the most NFT stakeholders who have the same vision as us.
Build social features that enable active discussion and decison-making around NFTs for both producers and owners.
Connect infrastructure to accelerate the realization of NFT utilities and build our own infrastructure


NFT Marketplace on Polygon
It operates NFT Market Place on the Polygon Chain and currently has a large number of selected NFT collections actively traded.
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 Aug 2021 - Incorporation
 Dec 2021 - $3.3M Investment from Top VCs | URL
 Jan 2022 - NFT Marketplace and Lauchpad Launch on Terra
 Apr 2022 - No.1 in NFT Trading Volume on Terra
 May 2022 - Announced Migration to Polygon
Official Partnership with Polygon Studios | URL
 Aug 2022 - Co-host Polygon Connect event during KBW 2022 | URL
Session Speaker : OnePlanet_Paving the Way for NFT | URL
 Sep 2022 - Re-launch Marketplace on Polygon with 60 NFT projects | URL
 2022 Year in Review - Big moments for OnePlanet in 2022 | URL
 Apr 2023 - Ranked #2 in NFT trading volume on Polygon | URL

Team OnePlanet

Becoming the Best Team,

"Trustworthy colleagues who do their best to be the best team"
The OnePlanet Team does its best to achieve a common goal.
They fulfill their responsibilities in their respective areas, To produce a product with a meaningful message to the market.
Ask, understand, and evolve together in all areas that make up the deliverables regardless of the team.
Our team members share the following principles.
Logical communication
Horizontal and proactive sharing of opinions and participation in decision-making
Flexibility to gather only the benefits you need without leaning toward Web2 or Web3
Skyrocket your career
Grow your career with great coworkers and experience leading planning and development processes from a Product-Market-Fit perspective.
Join us if you want to lead the NFT scene by creating a meaningful product.
Ideal Colleague
A person who can articulate their own opinions logically and effectively
You can actively present various opinions based on logic.
Growth-oriented person
You have a passion for growth and seek rapid growth through work and personal learning.
Candor and open-mindedness
You can provide honest feedback to help others grow and are open to receiving feedback from others.

Open Positions

Product Frontend engineer
Product Frontend engineer


Please send your resume to E-mail.
E-mail address: [email protected]
Document: a free-form resume (Essential)
Dev: Github address (Essential)
Document screening > 1st Interview > 2nd Interview > Working conditions consultation
Depending on the situation, the first and second interviews can be conducted at the same time.
Depending on the position, a simple test can be conducted.
Dev Team will have one coding test before the second interview.

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