Infrastructure Engineer

At OnePlanet, we are dedicated to leveraging the power of blockchain technology to create innovative and secure solutions. We are looking for a talented Infrastructure Engineer to join our team to achieve this. As an Infrastructure Engineer, you will manage and maintain the infrastructure that supports our products using your expertise in DevOps tools and techniques. You will ensure that our products are reliable, scalable, and secure, monitor our systems' health, and respond to any incidents or issues that arise. We value the unique talents and skills of each of our team members, and we encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing to achieve our goals. If you're an Infrastructure Engineer looking for a workplace that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration, we invite you to apply and join our team. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that supports the growth and success of each of our team members and looks forward to working with you to achieve our goals.

️ Role & Responsibility

Design, develop, and maintain the data pipeline architecture for our NFT marketplace, including technologies such as Kafka
Develop and maintain infrastructure automation tools, monitoring systems, and deployment scripts
Continuously monitor and optimize the performance and security of the infrastructure
Collaborate with the product team to ensure infrastructure requirements are met for new features and functionalities
Perform data analysis and visualization tasks related to the infrastructure components, such as analyzing system logs and visualizing metrics from monitoring tools

️ Joy & Possibilities

Create a workplace that fosters joy and a sense of possibility
Collaborate and share knowledge to achieve goals
Provide ample opportunities for professional growth and development
A supportive and collaborative work environment that values the unique talents and skills of each team member

️ Minimum requirement

3+ years of experience in Infrastructure Engineering or a related field
Strong proficiency in at least one backend language and framework, with a preference for Node.js, Go, or Python.
Experience with SQL and NoSQL/memory databases, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis
Familiarity with blockchain technology, NFTs, and smart contracts
Familiarity with EVM-compatible specifications
Experience with writing infrastructure automation scripts and using DevOps tools to manage infrastructure
Experience with monitoring and alerting tools for infrastructure management
Experience with data analysis and visualization tools for monitoring and troubleshooting infrastructure

️ Preference

Experience with database administration and management, such as PostgreSQL or MongoDB
Experience with DevOps and CI/CD pipelines
Familiarity with blockchain technology, NFTs, and smart contracts