Project Bio
Unstables - shapeshifting NFTs
Each collection of unstable is hand-drawn retro illustrations. Each collection of unstables are hand-drawn retro illustrations. They are most likely aliens & shapeshifters. Rumors say thay are Mickey and Betty Boop’s unwanted babies.

Introducing Unstables, a unique NFT project made by a talented team of artists.

Full commercial rights
The basis of each collection is the transfer of copyrights to NFT holders. When you buy Unstables, you buy illustrations that allows you to do anything you want. Holders have access to full-quality vector files (PDF) ready for printing.
This allows you to use your NFTs for:
Fashion brand
Sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs
Hot-dog shop
Funeral home branding
New country flag design
Basically anything you want to do
Can we expect someone or something to defend planet earth against Unstables ?
Yes - The Guardians. They defend Earth against the attack of the Unstables. They are the only ones who see them in their true form. Perhaps it is an ordinary dog and cat. But they turn into real superheroes.
Did someone win already ?
Sadly, yes. Unstables were too unstables for their previous home and that unstability destroyed Terra & Luna. They are now looking for a new home and a new blockchain to bring their unstability.
You can expect Unstables to bring great utility with them, along a fantastic & beloving community. The team behind the project is passionate and can’t stop themselves from drawing and creating.
We want Unstables to be something even more unique, not just fantastic art that you can recognize easily.
Be sure to check out our website, we plan to stay here for a long time and we need YOU to build with us the Unstable universe.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned