Project Bio
UAPx are Unidentified Aerial Pixel vehicles. Now on the run from the Terra Collapse, they will port to the Polygon-verse, offering new AI music + gaming possibilities.

Searching for a balance between nice PFP pixel art, AI-Music generation and gaming.

As a very exclusive collection of pixel art created by Alien Artist and pixlosopher.eth, the 301 UAPx was one of the many Terra collections affected by the ecosystem collapse. Although struggling is still in their horizon, the fleet is invading Polygon via One Planet’s help. They will be the keys to open new AI-generated music and gaming feats on an EVM compatible environment.
Get your PFP ship, and open up to new possibilities, compose music through AI, get into gaming feats.
We are a small team really dedicated to music composing via AI. We want to blend this NFTs with music generation and include some other gaming features. As we need to re-invent our collection, we see more positive aspects in this move, bringing our PFP ships to Polygon’s universe.
Our PFPs were one of the first collections to display vehicles, rather than characters, but we have other collections, part of the same universe, that we want to include as side-projects, all encompassing AI-music and gaming characteristics. The first step is getting a first-gen ship, but later we want to expand our universe in a thriving realm, such as Polygon.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned