Turtles Untamed

Project Bio

Turtles Untamed focuses on creating robust utility for our community while supporting nature conservation which we successfully have.


The Story

Turtles Untamed started as Trippy Turtles Club, a community-focused NFT project focused on creating robust utility for our HODLers while supporting nature conservation which we are proud to say successfully have, with a strong collaboration with various turtle organizations.
Turtles Untamed has been in this space since 2021; we noticed the NFT community is primarily male-dominated and has branched out to support the underrepresented community; inclusivity is what we aim and strive for; we’re calling this collection TQC or Turtles Queen Club.
TQC’s primary objective is to guide young budding projects with solid potential and support them in a competitive space. Maybe, we could call ourselves VCs; what we have brewing might surprise you; we suggest you monitor this space.

Trippy Turtles Club

Down to vibe with the turtles from Trippy Turtles Club? Rising from the depths of the ocean to conquer the world, Trippy Turtles Club is a collection of 10,000 tripped-out turtle PFPs with added utilities and fostering the idea of doing good to our society. We are a fun community where we can hang out, have fun, and, most importantly, form great connections.
Trippy Turtles Club has built a lasting relationship with the SEE Turtles Organisation, a movement to save the turtles and clean up oceans. It has pledged to donate 10% of its mint sales to help save turtle hatchlings worldwide.
A Roadmap that gives back to the community creates utility, gives you a cool PFP, and grants you members-only exclusive access to partner giveaways, drops, and events!

Turtle Queens Club

Don’t let the title confuse you; Turtles Queens Club is an all-inclusive NFT collection with a niche for the under-represented in a primarily male-dominated NFT space.
TQCs' primary objective is to help female-led projects out there to help get a head start in a competitive Web3 space by empowering them to share their ideas with the larger community.
Our collection compliments our OG TTC collection with a deeper meaning. The female collection isn’t just a collection. It’s an identity, a representation of you as an individual; it represents power, ambition, drive, support, community, and Respect!
The utility will be similar to TTC, but rumor has it there might be more


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned