Project Bio
TRACER is the most sustainable Move-n-Earn dapp on Web3 with social-game-Fi elements. You can mix-n-match different NFT shoe parts to make a unique NFT shoe.

Introducing TRACER : The Most Sustainable Move-n-Earn Dapp on Web3

The Most Important Problem to Solve in M2E Market : Sustainability
TRACER is the 1st 'non-ponzi' M2E on web3. TRACER innovates the M2E market by solving the unsustainability problem, or so-called ponzi-nomics which most M2E projects have and building the most ‘sustainable’ M2E project on web3.
Sustainable tokenomics is made by collateralizing real world assets to NFTs & tokens, plus deflationary social-games and composable 3D NFTs.
Our vision is to make users all around the world enjoy daily exercise with TRACER, get tokens, and even benefit from customized healthcare services based on life-log data for at least five to ten years. We make our tokenomics more stable by making web3 induced data in to economic value.
How are we different?
Composable NFT
All NFT shoes are composable. You can mix-n-match different shoe parts of different shapes, colors, and textures and make a unique shoe of your own. This is the REAL GENERATIVE NFTs, generated on our users’ hands.
No More NFT Breeding
TRACER does not allow NFT breeding. Breeding induces the uncontrollable hyper-supply of NFTs, chich leads to hyperinflation. In the early stage, new user influx rate(=demand) is bigger than the market supply which makes NFT price to increase. Then users breed NFT shoes using utility tokens to make arbitrage profit(market price > breeding cost). But when the new user influx rate decreases due to any reasons such as bear market, upper cap of potential users,... demand decreases and the excess supply made by breeding cannot be controlled. This makes a death spiral. Plus 1 NFT price equals to 200 tokens..which makes value coupling. This is why TRACER does not allow breeding NFTs, but collateralize real world assets to NFTs.
Artist, IP, Brand, NFT Collab Shoes
TRACER regularly supply new shoes by minting new collections according to the demand. Therefore, we are able to create limited edition NFT shoes. If breeding existed, we could’ve lost this precious opportunity. We are looking to start IP collab with CC0 projects, brands, IPs,…etc. Keep on eye on us!
Free-to-play(F2P) mode
TRACER makes mass adoption by Free-to-Play mode. Users do not have to buy NFT shoes to earn tokens. Instead, users can watch advertisements and walk or run to earn tokens. TRACER is planning to use all the advertisement revenue as a collateral to our utility token $TRC. By this, the price of TRC won’t be determined simply by supply-demand and there will be a minimum price of TRC, backed by web2 BMs.
Multiple features making deflationary tokenomics
TRACER focuses on the ‘real utility’ of our utility token $TRC. Most of the burning mechanics of utility tokens in M2Es are for future ROI and this makes a gradual inflation. This is why ‘useful’ usage, or in other words, pure burning mechanics is so important for deflation. TRACER’s utility tokens will be used and burned for the pure and useful objectives to maintain deflationary tokenomics as followed:
Using tokens to participate in multiple game modes
Using tokens to buy HEXA-LAND
Using tokens to buy and attach accessories
Using tokens to buy real world items


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a couple of days. So please stay tuned