Tiny Scouts

Project Bio
Tiny Scouts is a project that brings tiny pixel-art scouts to the blockchain. We believe in the union of Scouts as a community to help each other, and build a better and friendlier blockchain for all.

Your new favourite pixel-art pals: Tiny Scouts

A little taste of what Tiny Scouts are made of!
Tiny Scouts are a collection of programmatically and randomly generated NFTs that came to life on the Terra blockchain. Each Tiny Scout consists of a unique combination of attributes, including their body, hat, or outfit. We believe that all of the Scouts are awesome, but everyone has their favourite - we hope you find yours!
Our origins
We began to grow slowly but steadily within the LUNA community, conquering people's hearts with the love of the little Scouts. Our main objective remains to create a space where we can all help each other, make genuine friendships, prevent scams and have a good time. We highlight a great phrase that appeared in one of our contests:
Scouts riding the old LUNA pump :’)
“A scout risks everything for the benefit of their community. A true legend hidden in the shadows”- @TheGreatNate_ on Twitter
Our first collaboration was with the @galactic_punks team and their GalacticDAO, where we provided the opportunity to have a redesigned Galactic Punk in the form of a Scout!
We also managed to partner up with @rekt_wolf giving birth to one of the cutest Scouts out there: The Tiny Rekt!
Minting and community
We were all very nervous waiting for the minting time, until suddenly: we made a sold out! It only took 7 minutes for the Lunatics to adopt all of the Tiny Scouts. Later, when the secondary market opened, we managed to reach our highest Scout sale at an outstanding amount of 35 LUNA! (around 3500$ at the time!)
Our community was only getting bigger and stronger everyday, until the luna crash happened. Now with OnePlanet and Polygon, we have a new chance to rise and make the Scouts great again!
Plans in the works
When the migration is finally complete, we will start to develop our discord-based DAO to an actual code-based DAO for the Scouts to decide how the treasury funds should be allocated, allowing the chance of getting grants and posting proposals to each holder. We also want to move on with the biggest and most ambitious Scout project: The Tinyverse. A little metaverse based on pixel-art and cozy spaces to get together with your Scout friends, hang out and listen to some chill tunes! Here is a little preview of what we were working on!
And that’s our story! We're still thinking about how we can expand the Scout universe with new collections and ways for starters to interact with each other.
We are waiting for you to join the Scout family!


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned