The Dog House

Who let the Dogs out?

3900 Kick ass pieces of art that have escaped from the pound and are ready to roam on Polygon. Who is ready to play fetch?


If you have ever been in a relationship, you have been there. As for us, the amount of time we are spending on this, We are now doing consist renovations!

The Dog House was initially dreamed up by the founder Brent based on his own dog Ranger. He envisioned creating a space that would create both a diverse and a thriving community. Brent was an active member of the pre-collapse Terra Luna NFT community and with these principles in mind he began to recruit team mates across a range of existing NFT projects. This lead to his co-founder’s Red Dog, Dirty Dog, Nutty Hound and G-Dog joining the team. As of today, The Dog House can boast a global team with members in Australia, Europe, and North America.
One of Brent’s biggest NFT related accomplishments was setting up the Sweaty Sally group which incorporated traits from three of the largest Terra NFT projects. He helped generate a community that valued inclusivity and accessibility with these ideals eventually leading to the formation of a DAO. A vision began to form on creating a new NFT based community.
The team hunkered down through the NFT apocalypse that was the collapse of Terra and planned for the future. The first step was to finish the art and after an excessive number of iterations this process was completed. Next as a team we had to decide on a chain… We won’t lie this was a very difficult process and led to some interesting internal discussions as a team. And in early July we as a teamed made our decision. We saw the great work that One Planet was doing, we saw our fellow Terra NFT projects making the leap, and we could envision successfully building our desired community on Polygon!
Thriving Community - Generate a social space where information is shared and community first is the motto of the team.
Kick Ass Art - Generate a high quality image that is appealing to a broad target audience. Emphasis on the ability to use the NFT as a highly desired picture-for-proof (PFP).
Growth - Developing a roadmap that has tenable goals within reasonable time frames can help separate our project from the chaff. The key is to implement project growth in stages so that the process does not stagnate.
Project Wide Dao: We believe in giving our community a voice and making sure our holders voice is heard and valued. Therefore we will be creating a project wide DAO that will vote on ideas that the founders put forward. The Founders will maintain a % vote and the DAO will consist of the rest, ideas can be put forward from either party and be voted on.
Merchandise: Get merch that has your NFT on it, from Tote bags, to shoes, jumpers, shorts, shirts, socks and the best part of it is only you will have the merch specific to your NFT! (There will be generic merch available to anyone) A percentage of each sale will be donated back to sustainable projects that will make the world a greener and better place.
Sustainability: We plan to partner with a number of charities and give back to nature, this aligns with Polygon becoming carbon negative in 2022. We as founders want to leave this world for our kids and future generations in a better place than where we found it, enough damage has been made by past generations and its on us to fix it, if we don’t, who can we expect too? We plan to partner with charities from around the world that plant trees, recycles plastics into designer goods, removes bio-plastics from the ocean and restores the reefs.
Secondary Project Mint: We plan to launch a secondary mint which will go cross chain, and will consist of a lower supply. All holders of the original mint will be considered first before the public and will have access to mint. Therefore the public may not get the chance to participate. The higher role you have on the discord the more chance you have at minting, the longer you hold, the more you hold, the more you are active, the better chance you have at minting in the private WL.
Mutations: the golden bone, the key. The treasure! We bring our Kelpies a mutation. To obtain the “pill” we recommend holding a certain trait, or hold x amount of NFTs. Some will be airdropped the NFT in order to mutate. It will be $50 USDT/USDC to mint the pill. Once applied to the dog house NFT your will be airdropped the Mutated version of your NFT.
Thank You Drop: Who doesn’t love Puppies! we will leave it at that, got to leave something to the imagination! They will serve a purpose with the cross chain mint, we cant say anymore though.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned