The Crunks

Project Bio

10K randomly generated 8bit misfits who like to party on the Polygon Blockchain.

The Crunks, a community and character-driven NFT project surrounding 10k randomly generated 8bit misfits who like to party are migrating to Polygon. One of the first 10 NFT projects to mint on Terra, The Crunk's story follows 8 unlikely friends as they meander through the exceptionally mediocre streets of Crunktown before discovering a lovable gold android named Finney, whose spacecraft crashed in a nearby forest.

Crunked Out Cars are coming!

Following the migration to Polygon, Crunk holders will be able to participate in one of the most anticipated NFT events in blockchain history, The Crunk’d Out Car Burn Event!
Featuring 7 body types, 200+ unique traits, epic 1/1’s, and the legendary artwork of the world’s greatest pixel artist Jon Trafford, the Crunk’d Out Cars are the custom rides built exclusively for your degenerate Crunks.
But this is far from your typical airdrop. The Crunk’d Out Car Burn Event is a deflationary upgrade mechanism designed to reward holders while elevating the quality and value of the entire collection.
When the burn even goes live, holders will have the option of selecting and sending any two of their Crunks to a fiery death, in exchange for a randomly minted and insanely dope, Crunk’d Out Car. This in turn will reduce the supply and increase the quality of the collection as most holders will look to sacrifice the most common of Crunks
But that’s not all… Crunk’d Out Cars will receive a COLLECT token reward bonus when the collection goes live on the MetaCollect Earn platform, meaning Crunk holders are incentivized on multiple levels to help reduce the overall Crunk supply.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned