The Caffeine Club

Project Bio

The Caffeine Club is a fun collection of pixel-themed Coffee Cups.

The Caffeine Club

Originally a fun project with a short roadmap, the Caffeine Club was a project to bring the Caffeine Lovers in Crypto all together in one space to create a tight knit community. Based on the community growth and strong core we have, the roadmap was re-engineered and at the peak on Terra, we were sitting at a ~3x FP from mint.
Burning Process
Each week, 25 “Blends” are introduced into the collection. A person may blend 5 standard cups to receive an upgraded cup. Given there are only 25 spots available each week, blending spots are raffled within the community.
You are able to get a spot via:
Being active in the community;
Blind auction; and
Blind burn.
In order to receive one of the Blends, you need to submit a specific recipe of cups that changes each week. For instance one week was a Wizard Blend. The recipe was 3x Wizard Wand traits + 2x Top Hat traits. Once the person sends them to the burner address, they receive the upgraded cup.
Lots more info is in the Discord or on Twitter! Make sure to join in!


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned