Project Bio

The cutest non-edible, edible NFTs ever! Join Terramochi in their quest to make you and everyone happy! :3


Say hello to your Terramochi!

Terramochi is a collection of adorably cute non-edible, edible NFTs and they exist to make you happy! Theyโ€™ve hopped on over from the wake of the destruction of the Terra Classic Network and now serve as a beautiful momento of the strength and reselince of happiness!
About Terramochi
Each mochi and all their traits are designed to be meaningfully detailed to inspire glee. So cute, you want to poke it! Terramochi is for anyone who loves food, cute things, and just buying stuff that make them and their loved ones happy!
The utility of your mochi!
The utility of a mochi is the joy of owning and gifting it! Lots of love has gone into ensuring each mochi brings you tactile joy! Your mochi is fun & adorable with a simple utility; To make you happy!


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned