Taunt Battleworld

Taunt Battleworld is the world’s first engage-to-earn NFT fighting game simulator developed by industry veterans from Amazon, EA, and Unity. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the Old Gods have turned Earth into their own personal playground called Battleworld.

Introducing the auto-battler fighting game, Taunt Battleworld.

For those who are new to Taunt Battleworld, our game is set in a post-apocalyptic world with our custom Acolyte Warriors on Polygon, having over 20K+ Twitter Followers and 5K+ Discord Members. Taunt successfully finished its Seed Round of $4.3mm USD, with contributions from Polygon Studios, Genblock Capital, Shima Capital, Rainmaker Games and more. About 1K Genesis Skull Passes were minted and ~1K Fully 3D, Acolyte Warrior NFTs have been airdropped to our pass holders. Our game is currently in Alpha (with a beta release this fall) and has daily tournaments, weekly product updates and prize pools coming soon.
The Genesis Skull Pass will forever and always be the founders pass into Taunt Battleworld and will have continually utility in the ecosystem. In order to play in the Taunt Battleworld Alpha, you must mint a Genesis Skull Pass (which will then automatically Airdrop you an Acolyte Warrior NFT). Our Acolyte Warrior NFTs are categorized by 5 races:
1) White Hairs
2) Scales
3) Squids
4) Undeath
5) Humans We classify our Acolyte Warrior NFTs by 5 Rarities:
1) Common 2) Rare 3) Epic 4) Legendary 5) Mythic
Through various partnership deals in the sports, web3 and entertainment industries we are also introducing special NFT collections into the Battleworld. We have begun creating the first drop of our Renegade Warriors, with two of our licensed IP partners, Floyd Mayweather and Cris Cyborg.
Tournaments are made up of a series of Brawls, and are the backbone of Taunt Battleworld. Acolyte Warriors compete in unique arenas established at historical landmarks, continuously seeking the thrill of winning big-money purses and reaching eternal glory.
Tournaments are multi-stage events that are first-come first-served, and are scheduled to begin at specific start times. They are free to enter and will soon have active prize pools!

Check out our Acolyte Warrior NFTs in 3D Action!

You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a month. So please stay tuned