Space Skellies

Project Bio

We’re Space Skellies! Protecting the galaxy one planet at a time. Staking, P2E, PVP, and endless rewards for holders!

Welcome to a New Era of Space and Earning!

What if disaster crept upon us, slowly and surely, while we lived out our lives? What if we were warned about it but because the scale of it was longer than our lives, or because it seemed impossible to believe, we continued to live as though nothing was going to happen?
… And we did nothing!
... The world as we know it whimpered as it perished
We bring you Space Skellies! We’re a collection of 4500 Skellies protecting the galaxy one planet at a time! All of our traits and designs are hand drawn by our exclusive artist!  However, we’re more than just a PFP collection. You’ll be able to play as Skellies in our P2E and PVP as we create them!
More benefits for our holders include staking to earn (droid coins), secondary collections, offchain PVP.
You will even be able to purchase in-game-items with droid coins, rent, trade, and sell.
Space Skellies will help fight off the waves of disaster as they travel the galaxy looking for the “Apocalyptic” weapon that has been rumored could destroy Mother Earth.


Invest 85% of the net profit into the Ecosystem using medium-high risk strategies;
Purchase NFT(s) from exclusive projects to provide insider access to our holders;
Host high-stakes events for the community with large prize pools;
Release merch collection to the public;
Payout majority of profits and royalties made on investments in Phase 2 to our holders;
Poll the community for diversification of yield strategies;
Solidify Space Skellies as 100% self-sustainable collection that provides ROI;
Introduce Staking and Rewards;
Introduce PVP and Tokens;


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned