Mission #4 Space Rush

Time for the Space Rush

On the Cupcake Affair minigame created by Arkadia, something mysterious was discovered ย  Our beloved Phoenix must have gone down the hidden path and revealed the key that allowed a rocket to appear! Where will this new adventure take her?! Play Space Rush now and collect Gold Bars


Competition Monday, Aug 29th 12PM - Friday, Sep 2nd 12PM UTC
AMA Monday, Aug 29th 5PM UTC
Winner Announcement: Saturday, Sep 3rd 12PM UTC

How to Participate in Competition

Step 1. Press START Button
Step 2. Pick Your Community
Step 3. Collect Gold Bars
Step 4. Compete in the Leaderboard
Step 5. Wen GAME OVER, Press Twitter Icon
Step 6. Share Your Score on Twitter

Prize Pool

OnePlanet is sponsoring 400 $MATIC to TOP 10 Players!
Top Community Leaderboard Prizes to be revealed soon