Sifer Wars

Project Bio

The Galactic Empire is in decline. Emperor Sifereous' reign draws to an end. Civilization is in flux, and the destiny of humanity feels strangely.. consistent.



Sifer Wars is an NFT trading card project coming to the Polygon blockchain this October.

Each Sifer Wars card will consist of a piece of art depicting a scene from the Sifer Wars chronicle, as well as backing cards that will host a character description and an excerpt from the narrative. When considered together a vivid story of a future humanity will emerge.
The Sifer Wars story will begin this September with ‘Chapter 1’. Featuring 25 characters, each card will come in three rarity tiers - Common, Rare and Mythic.
Sifer Wars cards will come in NFT ‘packs’ that can be traded in their own right, or that can be opened to reveal the cards contained within.
As can be guessed, the Common variant will be the most likely card to be acquired from a pack, with Mythic cards the rarest.
While Common cards will feature the original piece of artwork, Rare cards will incorporate the animation stylings of Mr. Oz, and the Mythic’s are Limited Edition Holographic’s.
Artwork for the Common ‘Slap Drone Two’ card. Credit Bulging Idiot,
Artwork for the Common ‘Alvord Constant’ card. Credit Bulging Idiot.
Aside from the visually stunning art work, and the stellar writing featured on each NFT, Common and Rare cards will also indicate a ‘Rank’, ranging from 1-9.
These ‘Ranks’ are dynamic, and can be influenced by the collector by participating in numerous gaming and engagement mechanics that will be available at first in our Discord, and then on our website. Collectors will be given the opportunity to play against others, resulting in the upgrading or downgrading of their card’s ‘Rank’.
While many will enjoy playing these games, as well as the rewards they can obtain, collector’s will find it advantageous to put together complete sets and hold without the need to game.
Produced by bdub, and including the artistic stylings of Bulging Idiot, Aspect Articulated and Mr. Oz, and the writing prowess of both bdub and Mark Bailey, Sifer Wars will be an iconic NFT collection that will live forever on the Polygon blockchain.
Artwork for the Common ‘Sifer City’ card. Credit Bulging Idiot.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned