Ruler of the Land: Era of Factions

Project Bio
“Ruler of the Land (열혈강호)" is a legendary manhwa (comic) from South Korea with a global fan base amassing over one billion views, and running for over 28 years. It is also a well-known global game IP that multiple studios have produced and developed. “ROTL: Era of Factions” is the first Web3 game based on ROTL IP.

Introducing Ruler of the Land: Era of Factions, a new C2E card battle game.

Have you heard of “Yulgang”?

“Yulgang” is originally a legendary comic from Korea that lasted for 28 years.
The original comic has over 1B views and 8.5M copies sold.
“Yulgang Online” by M Game is one of the most successful games in SEA and China, with over 130M users.
Dominus Games has the sole exclusive business rights of ROTL IP on Blockchain Games.

ROTL: Era of Factions, a card battle game based on ROTL IP

ROTL: Era of Factions is a territory conquest game played by two factions; Righteous vs. Cult Factions.
The game runs seasonally. Once the season ends, the winning Faction receives rewards.
Players can choose either of two factions and compete for more territory.
To occupy each hexagon-shaped territory, the player should win a card battle called the “Five Dragon Battle.”

How to Play the Game

Step 1. Game Character Minting Connect MetaMask and purchase or create 5 Game Characters. Character NFTs can be made by combining ROTL NFTs, materials NFTs(Secret Lore), and tokens(Silver Coin), or purchased that others created at OnePlanet, OpenSea, etc. Their abilities are determined according to the used Node NFT and material NFT.
The genesis ROTL NFT Collection: Darkstorm Bringers The Darkstorm Bringers NFT collection was minted out in June 2022 with 5,000NFTs. It is on the Etherium chain and listed on OpenSea. The famous webtoon artist Jin Hwan Park, an artist of “The Breaker,” has participated in the artwork.
Secret Lore (Material NFT) Secret Lore is a material NFT used to create (minting) a “MUSA” along with the Node NFT and tokens. It has five rarities and can be obtained as an Alliance War reward or, according to the Node NFT's rarity, during the off-season.
Silver Coin (Token called $SIV) The silver coin is a utility token used in the ROTL: Era of Factions and is unlimitedly issued. It can be obtained through in-game activities such as Alliance War, Battle of Five Dragons, etc. It is used for MUSA (Character NFT) minting and energy recovery.
Step 2. Seasonal in progress The game is played season-by-season, and various factions, such as Darkstorm Bringers, Righteous Faction, Cult Faction, etc., are paired differently to form an alliance each season. Once the season ends, the winning faction receives rewards accordingly
Faction Selection Screen
Step 3. Community-based play (Alliance War) Each alliance must expand its territory when the season begins by occupying nearby lands. To play more efficiently, members of each alliance are encouraged to discuss and share strategies through communication channels such as Discord.
Alliance War (Map)
Step 4. Individual-based play (Battle of Five Dragons) Select the land to occupy and join the Battle of Five Dragons to acquire Alliance Score. Set and select five “MUSA” characters and play the game. Keep winning until you reach the enough Alliance Score required to occupy the territory. * The other game modes will be kept updated.
Battle of Five Dragons
The overall game flow

The Core Concept of the Game: Create to Earn(C2E)

ROTL: Era of Factions has a similar system as Axie Infinity’s scholarship, which benefits the ROTL NFT holders and encourages them to distribute and promote their Character NFTs.
Only ROTL NFT holders can create Character NFTs, and they can choose to use them in the game or sell them on the marketplace.
The holders can receive rewards by (1) playing the game (Player Rewards), (2) selling the Character NFTs on the marketplace, or by (3)10% creator rewards from the players who purchased Character NFTs(Creator Rewards).
This system will drive more people to become ROTL NFT holders, boosting transaction liquidity.

Our Vision

We are heading to “Murim,” where all our dreams are actualized…

“Murim” is a core virtual world of many martial art genre contents. To us, it is a metaverse world that we’ve been dreaming of for our community, every ROTL IP content, and more. With all Ruler of the Land IP-based content, such as games, movies, animations, etc., and our IP-based community, we will build and evolve the virtual center of the world, “Murim.”


ROTL: Darkstorm Bringers
You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few weeks. So please stay tuned