The Road to Mars Archive

Project Bio

Starship NFT’s: Documenting Our New Era of Spaceflight



Now is the most exciting time in human history. In the next decade, humanity will make its first permanent leap to another world. We are headed to Mars!
We are two space documentarians and artists. Our photo & film NFTs are time capsules that allow you to collect and share important moments in the history of human spaceflight.
Mint, collect, and trade to earn special prizes and real-world experiences… like joining us for an epic day at Starbase in South Texas! Each collector is welcomed into our thriving space Discord community.

Epoch 1: The Dawn of the Starship Era

We have built the Road to Mars Archive. The first collection in our series contains 242 unique NFT time capsules (a total supply of 1,420) with varying rarities tied to the real-life rarity of the moment we captured.

Collect our Cosmically-Rare NFTs

There are 4 rarity levels in our collection. Keep an eye out for the “Cosmically-Rare” moments, like the moment that Starship was fully-stacked for the first time, or the first time Starship nailed its landing! Collecting these rare moments allows you to unlock exciting real-world prizes.

Collection Prizes with Utility & Real-World Experience

Mint, collect, and trade our Starship NFTs to earn real-world experiences!

Join us at Starbase

Collect 3 from each category (of which 2 are gold or silver) and you’ll have the opportunity to join us for an epic day of photographing Starship together at Starbase in South Texas! Mint special combinations to unlock more real-world prizes!

Join our Community

NFTs are not only important time capsules for the future—they are also your ticket to our community of space fans, experts, and leaders. Join us for daily behind-the-scenes updates, celebrate rocket launches with us, and engage in exciting discussions on the future of our species.

Prize Breakdown

Community Rewards for hodlers:
Collect any 1: Monthly access to our exclusive Discord and hangouts
Collect any 2: Monthly access to our Starship and Rocket Launch VR experiences
Physical Prize Rewards:
Collect 1 from all 8 categories: Earn our exclusive Road To Mars community-designed mission patch
Collect any 10: Win signed Augmented Reality wall art (~8×10) of any of our work
Collect 2 from each category: Win large metallic signed Augmented Reality wall art (~20×30+) of any of our work
Merch + community-designed prizes coming soon!
Experiential Reward:
Collect 3 NFTs from each category, 2 of which must be gold or silver framed: Spend an epic day at Starbase photographing Starship with us!
Trophy awards:
“Place of Honor” award: Collect 3 “Valhalla” explosion moments
“Starship Pilot” award: Collect 5 Starship in-flight moments
“Launchpad of the Future” award: Collect all launch tower segments + the rocket catching arms
And more!


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned

Meet the Artists

In 2018, we co-founded Cosmic Perspective and have been chasing rockets together ever since, documenting over 100 launches with our cinema cameras. Now, we live next to Starbase, the spaceport of the future, where SpaceX is developing their Mars-bound rocket—the largest, most powerful rocket in history—Starship. We have dedicated our craft to documenting this historic time as humanity takes its first steps toward becoming a multi-planetary species. The Road to Mars begins here. We are building an archive for the future that pays homage to this pivotal time, and gathering an amazing community along the way. We’re driven and reverent for this work: To inspire hope and excitement for the future, unify the world through awe and wonder, and to archive for history what it is like to live in this exciting time.
MaryLiz Bender
MaryLiz is a recording artist, space documentarian, and co-host of Everyday Astronaut’s wildly-popular Starship livestreams. All video NFT soundtracks are lovingly-crafted by MaryLiz.
Ryan Chylinski
With a technical background and a deep love of film, storytelling, photography, and immersive experience, Ryan has spent years showcasing humanity’s astounding achievements in space through film and photography.