Riot Factory & NIPTerra

Project Bio

A metaverse project which combines both robots and cats into an exciting 3D brawler game


Introducing Riot Factory

RIOT Factory is a build-it-your-self Robot themed NFT collectible. Each robot consist of 5 parts: Chipset(Background),Chassis,Arm,Leg and Weapon system.
Riot Factory roadmap:
Riot Factory will be split into 2 phases:
In Phase 1, (Q2 2022-Q2 2023)we will be collaborating with physical product brands to release collab limited parts versions that are seasonal. The objective is to encourage and educate more people about NFTs as a whole and build the collection to become a pop culture.
In Phase 2, (Q3-Q4 2023) various brands’ collaboration will still be on going and collections will be integrated into the game in Q3 or Q4 2023.
Different future series and brands will also have different quantities hence the scarcity may varied, the first 5000 parts will be an OG collection that will be increasingly scarce as more series are released.

Introducing NIPTerra & CatNIP Battleverse

NIPTerra Cats is the collection of NFT which are from the Catnip Multiverse and can be used in our game CatNIP Battleverse, a 2d shooter brawler game.
Our premier collection would be a collection of 10,000 procedural-generated cats.

Moving to the next phase: Re:Neko Battleverse

The game will be rebranded as: Re:Neko Battleverse, it will be a multiplayer hero shooter game featuring cat-themed waifus and mechas.
Re:Neko will serve as the featured product that will tie in CatNIP Battler, NIPTERRA and the upcoming collection RIOT Factory.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned