OnePlanet: Polygon Village’s Voucher

Perks provided by OnePlanet

Marketing benefits provided by OnePlanet for the projects who joined Polygon Village’s voucher program
Outbound Marketing Support
Twitter (41.6K+ Followers) Draft
RT From Polygon DAO
Discord (8.8K Members)
Drop Calendar organized by OnePlanet (W.I.P)
Networking Opportunity with Polygon NFT Builders
Invitation to the Polygon NFT projects hub
140+ Key builders | from 80+ Polygon NFT projects
Private NAP(NFT Alliance on Polygon) Telegram Groupchat
Invite to the private channel in OnePlanet Discord
Chance to attend to the regular townhall meetings organized by OnePlanet
Chance to join Twitter Space Roundtable hosted by OnePlanet
Marketplace Partnership with OnePlanet
Chance to start a partnership with OnePlanet, leading Polygon NFT marketplace
Provide a smooth onboarding experience for the NFT projects
Launchpad Service: Full-service (Pre / During / Post-launch)
Secondary trading on OnePlanet
 OnePlanet Channels
Business / Partnership Contact: biz@oneplanetnft.io