Project Bio

The first evolutionary, 10 Generation art project in Polygon.


MutantZ is the debut NFT experience from SNTNT Studios in London. A multi-generational experience that keeps up with the breakneck pace of change in the world of NFTs.

MutantZ is an evolutionary, 10 Generation art project launching in Polygon in partnership with One Planet. Here’s an overview of massively hyped project:

1.Art is at the forefront of each generation’s design, that’s why part of the revenue is reinvested into hiring a different artist to design the next one. The project aims to work with established artists as well as emerging talent too.
2. Once per generation, holders will be able to enjoy tiered rewards based on their involvement on the project. Like exclusive access to MutantZ products or free limited edition art airdrops created by prestigious artists in and out of the NFT scene.

Joining the MutantZ gang

There are a few ways to get involved:

Getting a Mutant NFT will grant you the ownership of an unique beautiful character of the MutantZ universe and an automatic Whitelist for the upcoming generation.
Getting the highly coveted Mad Scientist Lab will get you every upcoming generation for free. That means that the owner of this special NFT will have Gen 2 to Gen 10 Mutantz airdropped to their wallet for free. The Mad Scientist Labs will allow their holders to perform NFT experiments, potentially minting one-of-a- kind NFTs and uncovering unexpected rewards. You’d have to be mad not to want to be a Mad Scientist.


MutantZ holders will enjoy three tiers of rewards:

Holders of at least one Mutant will have access to the creative hub in the Discord, and will be able to vote on the creative decisions that will define the future of the project. And if that wasn’t enough, they will have exclusive access to collections and collabs to be launched in the future.
Collection holders, this is holders of a Gen 1 and Gen 2 Mutant (regardless of the character), will enjoy the tier 1 rewards plus a unique reward in the Terra network: a free airdrop of original limited edition art created by a recognised artist per generation.
In the future, collectors holding the same Mutant across all existing generations will have access to even more exclusive rewards. This celebrates the holder fully embracing the MutantZ evolutionary experience.

Meet the MutantZ

There are 10 main characters in the MutantZ universe, with different characteristics and attributes, who will appear consistently throughout the generations. They’ll evolve and take on new forms, but their names and personalities will remain constant.
The Mutantz’ names were chosen by the community. Democratically. See, even megalomaniacal evolving space-tokens can master democracy.
Here they are in their Generation 1 original form:

Generation 1

The first generation of Mutantz pays homage to the origins of computing and video games to reflect the rapid changes in the technological landscape.
Supply was 1000 NFTs at $49USD each, and it was sold out in just 3 minutes. Check out our launch video and the awesome theme song by Mat Lee.

Generation 2, coming soon to Polygon through One Planet.

The second generation sees the Mutantz break free from their 2-dimensional forms. The Mad Scientist has performed an evil experiment on them, causing them to mutate and become part of our world. This is just the first step in their adventure. What will happen to our MutantZ next?
The designs were created in collaboration with Singaporean artist @nickalot, Founder of Anti Rare and creator of TerraMochis. Supply is 2000 NFTs.
Our community has 1,500 fans, and has proved over and over they were one of the most committed communities in Terra. While other projects in the space have lost more than two-thirds of their following after the Terra crash, our project stays strong, full of passionate people ready to rock Polygon with their Mutant power.

Future Generations

The MutantZ will continue to evolve, and each generation will be created in collaboration with a new artist whilst preserving their name and character. MutantZ will test the boundaries of NFTs, introducing motion, sound, and interactivity over time. As always, the Community will help design the future generations of MutantZ, and determine the extent of their evolution.

Upcoming Collabs

Check out some of our confirmed partnerships, exclusively for MutantZ holders:

SNTNT (pronounced Sentient) is an NFT Studio based in London.

SNTNT is a hub where community comes first. Every project backed by the SNTNT brand means high artistic value and a groundbreaking idea.
We believe in raw creativity and pride ourselves on craft. Our NFT collections are designed to get attention from everyone inside the NFT world, and beyond it.
As a creative studio, our roadmap includes reinvesting the revenue from our NFT collections to commission bigger artists and influencers. This is a pioneering project that aims to create a truly meaningful creative hub, where users are able to express themselves freely and influence the future of our NFT collections.

The Team

Pablo - Founder and Creative director With 20 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry, Pablo founded SNTNT Studios in London. The company’s first project, MutantZ, sold out its First Generation in 3 minutes.
Rex - Community manager Marketing major at the University of Missouri Columbia, he’s worked for a total of 21 projects over time, including Terrans, MutantZ, Angel Protocol, the GraviDAO, Genesis Wolves, and many others.
V - Project Manager From Indonesia, V used to work in the filmmaking industry in Singapore. Experienced in videography, she has fingers in many crypto pies around lots of blockchains.
Nick - Artist Gen 2 Founder of Masonry Studios in Singapore, Nick is a CG artist and Creative Director.
Robin - Twitter Manager From the Netherlands, Robin is a Human Behaviourist and helps companies with marketing and advertisement strategies.
Ping - Artist Liaison
From the Netherlands, Ping has experience in UX and design. He’s our Artists searcher around Solana, Tezos, and many other blockchains.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned