Project Bio

A high fidelity metaverse where the virtual world meets the real world . Our genesis NFT sale will consist of building and building level NFTs.


About Endora

Endora is a high fidelity metaverse being built in UE5 (Unreal Engine 5) that will be powered by the Polygon blockchain (with plans on integrating additional chains in the future).
What to expect:
Explore stunning, real-life digital cities. Users will have various avatar options and can walk, fly, drive and socialise within Endora.
Build a property empire, develop and customise it.
Engage intimately with crypto projects and IRL brands and experiences.
Endora will consist of NFT buildings which can be purchased, developed and sold. NFT building level owners can also create their own high fidelity interiors, making their level, their own metahome, office or event centre.
Additional monetisation and governance opportunities will exist through rewards from owning NFTs, staking, advertising, sponsorship, building redevelopments as well as play and earn experiences.
A room from a Building level NFT designed using our Create tool
Our Create tool allows Building level NFT owners to design the interiors of their building level (add walls, windows, colours, furnishings, NFTs, media etc) and share their home, office or event space with the world or selected friends or family.
San Francisco is the first city for our Genesis NFT sale collection.
By integrating our super high resolution, engineering grade spatially accuracy 3D models within Unreal Engine, Endora will leverage technology and IRL partnerships, Polygon projects and other ecosystem partnerships to create stunning visualisations and user experiences in an open world where you can be yourself, or someone else! We are super excited to be a part of the Polygon community and trust our future NFT collection will be one you will surely not want to miss!


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned