Hero NFT

Hero is an active multi-chain NFT project, most known for its marketing and engaging community. We are an active community of Web3 degens who love art, crypto, DEFI, trading & NFTs. Its pfp’s can be found on Terra, Solana, and Stargaze. The brand launched on Nov 23rd, 2021, and remains active until the day.  


HERO's plan for the end of the year is to launch a collection through One Planet’s launchpad on Polygon's network. This collection is an anime-based pfp called Hero Origins. For clarity, this collection is the human version of what your Heroes looked like before the earth’s destruction.

May we say that an airdrop is involved within this airdrop? That’s right. Active HERO users will have the opportunity to purchase an NFT and receive an airdrop should they hold HERO NFTs from a previous collection. Details TBA as we move closer to launch. A candid desire from our community holders has always been to have HERO-branded merchandise. Well, guess what!? One Planet is helping us make this available via their site! Take a sneak peak! The merch is our second milestone on the roadmap.

The third milestone we have in store is the development of a burn and mint mechanism contract. This will allow users to combine 2 NFTs into one, thus resulting in a new token for a secondary collection. We’ve curated storied lore that can be read via comics. The story beings in the year 3737. Only one human soul remains on earth. Civilization fled to inhabit Mars after the seas had parted and the first appearance of the Dragon. All hell was loose on the surface, but the last glimmer of hope lay below Antarctica. Scientist and warrior, Towdo was formulating an intricate plan that would soon unveil itself. Through countless battles and encounters with the Dragon, Towdo's diligence never ceased, regardless of his severe battle wounds. He had begun harnessing a new power revealed as the earth's floors parted. Amid the fire, he found that the energy used to destroy could also be harnessed to create.

The very thing that brought destruction was the same energy that would bring hope. As the years passed, the earth's surface became unbearable. Towdo continued to work diligently, creating robots to assist in lightening the load and pushing them forward. As he worked tirelessly, the flame observed his kind energy. It then began to shift through compassion and take the form of consciousness inside the robots. The companionship Towdo longed for was finally fulfilled through the unlikeliest of friendships. Each Body created the flame would spread, and every new host contained a new piece to the history of where the flame came from. That day Towdo's mission shifted from war to understanding.

To help Towdo and its friends unveil the truth, read our comics and follow along until we reach Hero origins.

OG Heroes collection

Hero villains collection

Pixel heroes collection

Hero origins collection (OnePlanet sneak peak)

The hero in me sees the hero in you!
You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned