Handi Heroes NFT

Project Bio

The first collection made to raise awareness of physically disabled people and rare disease

A new way to help people who really need, next to you.

Handi Heroes aims to be a charity-based NFT DAO made to raise awareness of rare diseases and the physically disabled. We are aiming to build a yield-generating charity fund by leveraging on DeFi. By this, we are able to help the less fortunate and focus on those who are close to us.

Where is yield coming from?

The yield strategies are those suggested by the DAO and accepted in governance voting. The DAO is also deciding where to yield and when to spread profit among the NFT holders. There are going to be much more advantages to holding a Handi Heroe such as having a whitelist spot from partnered projects, NFTs giveaways, etc.

How is going to be spent the charity treasury?

The DAO members can push forward a Governance vote to donate to any NGO related to our vision. We aim to help more the local people next to our members, instead of big NGOs. We like to see a direct social impact next to our members, to those who really need this kind of help.

The long-term vision of Handi Heroes

We aim to be a sustainable way to make profits on our investments and make it a passive income without forgetting those who are next to us. The possibility to see a real-world impact on your city or neighborhood is a priority for us.

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You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned