Genesis Wolves

Genesis is near!

Genesis Wolves is a scaling NFT project building Genesis Protocol — a blockchain gaming and metaverse hub with a debut metaverse game called GeneCraft, coming soon!


Join the Wolves!

Every wolf in the Genesis Wolves supply is uniquely created with purpose. The goal of Genesis Wolves is not just to be a high-quality NFT, but a scaling project with high-utility rewarding holders. A Genesis Wolf doubles as your exclusive membership to the Genesis Wolf multiverse and access to long-term benefits from future projects such as GeneCraft and Genesis Protocol.
The Genesis Wolves is building Genesis Protocol which will be a hub connecting video games to the blockchain as well as creating new blockchain-based video games. Such an infrastructure will a) allow for a range of use cases that bridges the blockchain into various video game genres b) capture liquidity from the video gaming industry into the ecosystem and c) eventually lead to a growth of the ecosystem by onboarding video game creators and players.
Representing the Genesis Protocol platform, is Genesis City, a 3D cyberpunk city. Inside Genesis City, users can access connected metaverse worlds and games supported by Genesis Protocol. The Genesis Wolves NFT community will be given priority access to this platform.
Genesis Protocol will be launching its first premier metaverse game called GeneCraft soon. Stay tuned!


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned