Galactic Angels

Project Bio
Galactic Angels is the first NFT collection by Angel Protocol, an ecosystem for impact communities that redirects a portion of revenue to a global network of charitable organizations. A portion of every Galactic Angel sale goes to charity.

Galactic Angels, planetary saviors

The Galactic Angels represent charitable giving and social impact across the galaxy. They flew through space to seek out our solar system and help save the Earth, succeeding in raising $1.5M for climate change as part of the Restore Earth campaign. Secondary sale royalties go directly to on-chain charity endowments, allowing these Galactic Angels to continue driving real-world impact.
NFTs represent an amazing new innovation in online property ownership. They are also criticized for being wasteful expenditures of money that serve as nothing but status symbols. Galactic Angels channel the power of NFTs and gamified scarcity for good, allowing NFT purchases to generate positive externalities that save the planet while serving as beacons of positivity and charity. They will forever be the first NFT collection from Angel Protocol (developed in partnership with our allies, Galactic Punks), with a limited supply of 1,387 Angels:
Tier 1: 700 (50%)
Tier 2: 500 (36%)
Tier 3: 100 (7%)
Tier 4: 65 (4%)
Tier 5: 13 (1%)
Tier 6: 5 (0.3%)
Tier 7: 4 (0.3%)
The Angel Alliance: Charity is coded into our smart contract DNA
The Galactic Angels also serve as ambassadors of the Angel Alliance, a federation of over 100 protocols, NFT projects, validators and businesses that have taken a giving pledge to commit a portion of their revenue towards social impact. Alliance members give in a variety of ways, such as committing a % of transaction fees (protocols, business), mint fees and royalty fees (NFT projects), or donating native tokens to be harvested for yield as part of our Locked For Good program. Their contributions fund charities in perpetuity and help prove to the world that the crypto space can be a source of positive change. To join the social impact movement or learn more, please message the Angel Alliance Twitter or fill out this onboarding form. For more information on Angel Protocol, please check out our website and litepaper or join us on Twitter and Discord.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned