G4N9: Domination Origins

Project Bio

G4N9: Domination Origins is a PVP Battle Game set in the world of GS Metropolis. Early access coming soon!


G4N9: Domination Origins Turn-Based NFT Tactical PVP Battle Game

G4N9: Domination Origins is a turn-based 2D tactical NFT game in which players can battle against each other to grow their army as well as earn G4N9 coins and other rewards.
Set in the futuristic world of Metropolis, war is rife between the rival factions, each one hell bent on ruling the land. Using your NFT troops, weapons, armour and other items, fight to win and assert your dominance across Metropolis.
In the near future, wars will break out, countries will fall and only a few will dominate.
G4N9 has come out of the shadows to conquer the world. Are you willing to stand up
to their dominance or will you be the one conquering?
G4N9 troops are unique 10000 Non-Fungible Token collectibles conquering the polygon
blockchain. The collection of troops are generated using 100+ hand-drawn layers and features.
They are playable troops that are vital for use in game to grow your army and dominate.
Each troop has different properties, stats and levels that can be used in
various ways to secure your victory!
Melee or ranged combat? Choose your fighting style with a collection of weapons,
from guns to scythes.G4N9: Domination Origins features more than 40+ weapons in
an ever expanding item list.
Each weapon has their own range in battle that depending on how you use them will
lead to your own domination of the GS Metropolis!
Like our troops, all of our weapons are NFTs that have their own stats and properties
to be used in the upcoming G4N9: Domination Origins game!
Get ready to equip your troops with these instruments of war! Every NFT has its own
abilities and advantages that could give you the edge over your opponent.

Some of our G4N9!

You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned