Project Bio
EPIC LEAGUE is a platform and an ecosystem for Gaming-Multiverse built on blockchain. It is a world in which multiple games exist in parallel, yet closely related and expanding together. DARK THRONE is EPIC LEAGUE’s first game series.

Introducing DARK THRONE, A New ‘Free2Play&Earn’ Authentic Action RPG

DARK THRONE is the story of heroes who save the world by winning after endless battles with demons.
Jeehyung Lee (ArtStation), who is currently working as a cover artist for Marvel and DC Comics, participated as an art director and gave life to the game with excellent graphics, and the high impact feeling, various skill abilities, and sound that adds tension further enhanced the immersion of play.
DARK THRONE is an action role-playing game inspired by the “hack and slash” genre where you can enjoy exciting hitting and fast-paced action gameplay in which various heroes, such as PaladinAssassin, Demon Hunter and more, face numerous monsters using their own equipment and skills in randomly generated dungeons with various themes. Players can enjoy various gaming modes such as Dungeon Adventure, Boss Raid, and Rumble Arena.
There are missions and mazes for each stage with various missions. The stage is composed of a maze that is newly created every time you enter it, so it is fun to navigate through the crisis situations while exploring every time.
By simply touching the screen, you can avoid the enemy's attack and attack continuously, and simply by tapping the screen twice in succession, you can cancel the attack or skill to dodge. It is an easy action game where you can enjoy exciting action with only these two controls.


Totem NFT, used in the EPIC LEAGUE ecosystem, is designed as a device that provides a new gaming experience.
It's more than just a game item. It can be used in all games released by EPIC LEAGUE and connects all games within the ecosystem. Therefore, it can be said that it is not just the NFT of DARK THRONE, but the NFT of EPIC LEAGUE.
Although the appearance of totem is made in the form of a 3D figure of a game character, possessing an actual totem does not mean that you can use it for the game character. Totem is required for ‘earning reward’ while playing games in the EPIC LEAGUE ecosystem. Each totem has its own metadata, which determines the level of the player's reward based on rarity and improves the game experience, such as increased attack and defense.
NFT Staking & Borrowing
Players who do not own a totem can start the game by temporarily renting a totem placed by other guilds or players at the start of the game. Instead, the player who uses the totem will receive the reward shared with the owner of the totem. The staking pool where NFT holders have staked is the source of its finances, and a portion of the acquired rewards is accumulated as interest of the holders.


EPIC LEAGUE is a GameFi service platform that allows you to enjoy a range of high-quality games while also providing a comprehensive and novel experience via the use of blockchain technology. The EPIC LEAGUE team is a group of avid online-game enthusiasts who have been in the global gaming industry for over 20 years.
The EPIC LEAGUE team has been working hard to successfully implement a sustainable ‘Free2Play & Earn’. We believe that the essence of a game is fun, and this certainly applies to the blockchain games we build. We inform you that the release of the first work spawned by this audacious but quite obvious notion is imminent.
On 9/28/2022, the first game series, DARK THRONE, will be officially launched.
And furthermore, the beta service of Twilight Fantasy, the second game series of the EPIC LEAGUE, is scheduled for Q4, and you will be able to check both Twilight Fantasy and Space Monsters next year.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few weeks. So please stay tuned