Project Bio

Explore our AI-driven, apocalyptic world. Our two flagship collections - DystopAI Genesis and Defenders of DystopAI - push the limits of interactivity in NFTs.


Welcome to DystopAI: we drive creativity and collaboration through cutting edge technology and storytelling

In the year 3333 AD, the moon disappears. The fallout is worse than anyone could have imagined.

Natural disasters plague this apocalyptic world. Strange, mutated creatures and landscapes quickly emerge. Over the next few months, explorers discovered the extent of the world's disarray. The world split into four regions, isolated from one another.
The Fallout of the North - plagued by a nuclear fallout, the mutated inhabitants of these lands have given rise to hyper technological super cities.
The Infernos of the East - bedevilled by festering volcanoes and extreme climates, the inhabitants of these lands would rather reside in hell.
The Wilderness of the South - luscious, green and fertile, these seemingly idyllic lands are not as they seem; those brave enough to venture into them seldom return.
The Wastelands of the West - dry, desolate and unforgiving, these barren wastelands are home to some of the most precious resources across all four continents.
Separating the four regions is The Eternal Blue - a treacherous ocean filled with predators - ensuring that interaction between the regions is seldom.
Each region has its own natural resources, challenges, and threats. Factions vie for survival against deadly Apex Predators.

The DystopAI Genesis Collection set the scene for this universe and its secrets

On the 20th of January 2022, we created the DystopAI universe by minting 750 AI-generated apocalyptic landscapes — the DystopAI Genesis Collection. Selling out in a lightning-fast 13 seconds, each of our pieces explore the rich lore and secrets we have planned for the universe.
In the months following mint, we took a deep-dive into the story underpinning the scenes from our apocalypse. Through community lore submissions, we co-created AI comics that depict how the universe came to be and built towards the tale of how and why the Defenders ended up there — to bring salvation to planets in turmoil — to save our world from the apocalypse.

Genesis holders can create Monthly Morph NFTs

Creativity, collaboration and utility are the key tenets that underpin DystopAI. We built a bespoke tech pipeline to enable our community to create their own infinitely customisable AI art and experiences.
Each month, free of charge, our Genesis holders are invited to tap into the power of our AI and create their own works of art - Monthly Morphs. By simply submitting their own text prompts, they are able to create their own pieces of unique art, morphs of existing NFTs and AI videos.
Monthly Morphs are minted as monthly collections on OnePlanet, where they can be bought and sold. What will you feed our AI?

The Defenders of DystopAI are an intergalactic task force that has come to bring salvation to the apocalypse

Meet the Defenders of DystopAI

The Genesis Collection created the world, now come the protagonists - Defenders of DystopAI.
The two collections are intricately tied together, with each Defender linked to a different location in our universe. The Defenders fight in squadrons and have stationed themselves across the planet. Each Defender possesses unique “Energy Veins” that depict a location shown in the landscapes of our Genesis NFTs.
We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our NFTs offer world-first utility and inspire more people to understand the creative potential of Web3.

AI infused, dynamic, metaverse-ready and AR-compatible. Welcome to the future of NFTs

Defender NFTs are customisable - make them your own. Using our AI art pipeline, holders will be able to submit text prompts to transform their Defenders’ energy veins into anything they can imagine. We use AI to transform your text inputs into vivid images, that form part of your Defender’s actual body.
We’ve built our Defenders with the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Not only can you explore the DystopAI universe, but our world too. Place your own Defender (even after morphing it) in iconic locations all over the world, and compete in our global AR Scavenger Hunts. We’ve got prototypes of four AR-enabled Defenders that you can try out on your phone right now!
Full Commercial Rights. Full Freedom. Full Creativity. As a Defender owner, you will have commercial rights over your NFT and own its IP. We will make available to holders the underlying 3D models — this means it’s easy for you to make and sell merch, accessories, games, videos, movies, or even transport them into metaverse spaces of your choosing.
Defenders have been intricately designed to be metaverse and game compatible — interoperable and playable in the widest range of experiences available to any NFT project. Check out a preview below!

Road ahead

Our mission is to enable creativity in web3, by creating high-tech utility that’s also accessible and fun. We’ve been building for months and have a dedicated, creative community behind us. We’ve been steadily executing on our roadmap, and are building even more exciting experiences in the DystopAI universe.
Our first priority is completing migration to Polygon and delivering announced utility for the Defenders of DystopAI - but we won’t be stopping there. AI, 3D, AR, Metaverses, Ownership — welcome to DystopAI. There’s still a lot more for you to uncover.
Visit our website for more information and sneak peeks.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned