Project Bio

Dreamurs is a NFT project coming to One Planet representing “Dreaming Lemurs” aiming to enhance wildlife conservation.


Dreamurs — A community based on dreams and wildlife conservation!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” - Eleanor Roosevelt
Dreamurs is a NFT project coming to the blockchain that brings a collection of uniquely and randomly auto-generated Profile Pictures illustrating “Dreaming Lemurs”.
This high level art concept combines an artistic representation of Lemurs, with dreams emerging from their heads reflecting the wonders of their subconscious. The main purpose of the project is to form a strong community of creativity based on shared dreams and wildlife conservation.
That’s why, in addition to creating high-quality PFP art, Dreamurs aims to provide its owners with a sense of identity and belonging that facilitates numerous ways to interact with one another. We believe in the union of the Dreamurs as a community to have fun, help each other and enhance wildlife conservation, while building a better and friendlier blockchain for all.
Lemurs + Dreams: why?
Our team and community is based on the strong belief that art is a great source of conscience for wildlife conservation and sustainable development. That is why we chose to represent lemurs.
Lemurs are endangered mammals. They are native only to the island of Madagascar. Most existing lemurs are small, have a pointed snout, large eyes, and a long tail. We chose lemurs as the body for our art, based on the critical situations lemurs face (lemurs are among the “Top 25 Most Endangered Primates” and that they are the most endangered group of mammals). We believe art is the best way to promote social and ecological consciousness, to make the world a better place based on sustainable development that preserves all species, considering the world as our shared home.
On the other hand, our art is composed of artistic representations of dreams that reflect the subconscious of the Dreamurs. As Walt Disney once said “all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Dreams represented are products of the creativity of Papa Lemur (our Chief artist Officer), and from the creativity of members of the Dreamurs community.
Lemurs are threatened by many environmental problems, including deforestation, hunting for bushmeat, live capture for the exotic pet trade, and climate change. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) listed 16% of all lemur species as critically endangered, 23% as endangered, 25% as vulnerable. Specialists agree that lemurs are among the “Top 25 Most Endangered Primates” and that they are the most endangered group of mammals.”
About Papa Lemur -A.K.A- Chief Artist Officer
Since I was a kid I have been interested in superheroes and comics. They were my first motivation that made me start drawing at the age of 5, forging a self-taught style. Today, and after many years of work, I am lucky enough to be able to make a living from art. The life of the artist is not easy, but with perseverance great things are achieved. I have been working since 2013 full time, and created my own brand that specializes in the artistic intervention of architectural spaces.
But that is not all. I was always interested in the way technologies influence art. Years ago I started making all kinds of digital works. I realized that they had no value because NFTs didn’t exist at that time. Today I can rediscover my love for digital art based on blockchain and NFTs disruptions, reaching places where my tangible works can’t be accessed so easily, providing digital scarcity and property rights to digital art. This represents a whole revolution, forging a strong “creators economy”. Also, what I love the most, are the communities being formed around art. NFTs are making my dreams come true!
About dreams While interacting with Dreamurs community on Discord, we found that there was strong and amazing creativity among our members. That’s why we decided that some of the art should be based on the shared dreams of our community members. We believe that creativity is a shared experience. We organised a competition were Dreamurs members were encouraged to shared their crazy and amazing dreams, and to vote the other members dreams the like most. The dreams with more votes are being represented by Papa Lemur as part of the collection.
After “Dream3” won, the art pice was made by Papa Lemur ️, the result:
Final words We hope this article has helped you find out what the Dreamurs are all about, and we want to hear from you on our socials!

Sneak peeks

You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned