Deviants Outbreak

Collection with in-game utility
Deviant Outbreak provides an immersive narrative, fictionalizing real word events in the midst of a veiled war, and accrues value through partner P&E game Chain Reaction, providing competitive advantages to Collectors.
Deviant Outbreak provides fictional explanations for real-world events, explained now through the lenses of a permanent political struggle and veiled war between four Factions: the insightful Awaken, the free-spirited Entropians, the proud Inhumans, and the orderly Owners. As a Deviant, each community member chooses a side in this fight for the shape of History. With elements of immersive narrative and powerful, unique cyberpunk compositions throughout polished artwork, the Collection takes a deep approach to comment on the world. Deviant Outbreak is a partner Collection for Chain Reaction, an upcoming game for Polygon. Ownership of this NFT allows you to increase the power of your Deviant cards in Chain Reaction by leveling them up, thus gaining an edge against the competition.
A world within our own
Deviants represent the next step in our evolutionary path. Stronger, smarter, or more charismatic, they've leaped far enough from their human peers to stand out as a new kind of humanity. Scattered around the world, they push their agenda in every possible way: political heists, wars, financial tactics, empowered speeches, human-driven disasters, and even diseases. Much of what happens on this Earth is connected, deep down, with a long and bitter struggle between four power groups or Factions.
While Owners see order as the only way to create a functional world that capitalizes on human power, the Awaken propose an equal relationship with their cousins. As the Entropy rejects every form of hierarchy, human or Deviant alike, Inhumans are prepared for the next step: a future free of those insufferable undeviants. Drawing light from current events from all around the world, Deviant Outbreak proposes an immersive narrative through a powerful and unique art style, exalting the many perspectives that sprout in our world.
Peeking at the hidden in plain sight
Deviant Outbreak is a Partner Collection of the Play & Earn Trading Card Game Chain Reaction, to be released in Polygon in the near future. Solely by owning one or more NFTs from this Collection, you'll get an in-game leveling bonus for your Deviant Links, a significant competitive advantage that will smooth your path to become one of the greatest Collectors in the game.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned