Project Bio
DAVA is a game universe filled with bleeding-edge technology:
Customizable NFT
Interoperable cross-chain protocol
A unique, sustainable tokenomics that splits Play and Earn

Introducing DAVA: DAVA is a deck-building adventure blockchain game that separates play-and-earn

Problems in NFT Gaming

Inadequate adaption of token economy harms fun

Gaming feels like labor, not entertainment
Either promotes high entry or hyperinflation, both exhausting for gamers
A mixed persona (gamer and earners) causes a virtuous cycle of decrease in replayability

Unsustainable Economic Design

No inflow of cash into the game, only ponzinomics
Misleading token incentive design to harm the game
ex) Grinding does not increase the network effect

How are we different?

Token incentive design that splits active and passive participants to generate ‘funness’ and achieve network bootstrapping
Two-game system: fun-first game interconnected with an earn-first blockchain game
Sustainable token economics with cash inflow

We present you DAVA

We are here to end the Ponzi blockchain games. DAVA is a game universe filled with bleeding-edge technology:
Customizable NFT.
Interoperable cross-chain game protocol.
A unique, sustainable token economy that splits Play-and-Earn
DAVA introduces the two-game system: a new sustainable token economy by binding two games into one economy.
an active adventure web2 game, focusing on fun: DAVA Eternal
a passive simulation web3 game, focusing on earn: DAVA Hunter Inc., and DAVA Space Tavern

DAVA Humanoid & Wearable On-Chain Customizable NFT

DAVA Humanoid is a NFT collection on the Polygon blockchain, consisting of 10,000 on-chain customizable avatars.
You can decorate the NFT humanoids with wearable NFTs at the 0xDAVA Space Hotel, much like in-game avatars.

DAVA Eternal

Rouge-like adventure
Every time you enter the space, you start a new adventure. Choose a risky or safe path, face enemies, choose other cards, discover various relics, and even fight different bosses!
Dynamic Deck Building
Choose your cards wisely! Discover thousands of cards to add to your deck with each attempt at finding the space relics. Select cards that work together to dispatch foes efficiently and return home safely.

DAVA Hunter Inc.,

DAVA hunter Inc., is an interoperable simulation web3 game that allows all types of ERC721 to join and earn.
Build world-class DAVA hunters
Locking your unused NFT into the system gives you the right to create your game monsters to hunt DAVA down.
Find new meta and earn
Oppose DAVAs and earn based on how strategically your monsters battled

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You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project on OnePlanet in a month. So please stay tuned