Project Bio

Cybee aims to Establish the Largest NFT Community and ecosystem with passive income and benefits!


What is Cybee?

Cybee Miniverse is one of the civilizations out of the Milky Way Galaxy, with a mature but crowded metaverse. There are 1 million Cybee NFTs generated in the Miniverse. Aiming to start Universal Immigration, Cybee Miniverse plans to build the largest and most accessible, and prosperous community here.
Cybee NFTs are a massive collection of algorithmically generated robot NFTs that come in batches. The first series on Polygon Blockchain currently consists of 10,000 Cybee, which are the pioneers of Cybee Miniverse coming into the Earth. Cybee NFTs can be regarded as memberships in Cybee DAO, with which members can join in the democratic governance of this project and participate in the future Dapps and Games cooperating with Cybee DAO.

Our Mission

Cybee DAO is to build the largest, most affordable, and most accessible DAO Community. In the near future, Cybee DAO is going to become the biggest metaverse IP with over 1 million active users. To fulfill this target, we will cooperate with developers and game manufacturers. They will design customized Dapps and games for the Cybee DAO community.
★ High-quality NFTs with affordable prices and fewer gas fees but larger appreciation. ★ Aim to build the largest, affordable, and accessible NFT Community. ★ Grow into a fully decentralized Metaverse platform with unique Cybee IP ★ Create together, grow together, share together

Utility of Cybee NFT

Cybee NFTs come out in batches, each batch will have different themes. The properties of Cybee will be shown on the website. The 3D figure of Cybee will come out later and will be airdropped to holders, which will be applied in the Cybee Ecosystem. Once you get a Cybee , you will have the following benefits:
❖ Ownership and commercial usage rights ❖ Ticket to Invite to earn and get ETH rewards ❖ Airdrop 3D Cybee and Cybee NFT Derivatives ❖ Play games and earn $CBD in Cybee Ecosystem ❖ Vote on projects and proposals in Cybee DAO

Utility Token

$CBD token is designed as the currency that circulates in the whole ecosystem. In Cybee miniverse it will be great assets and used in massive scenes, including (but not limited to):
❖ Revenue Distribution from Cybee DAO ❖ Vote on projects and proposals in Cybee DAO ❖ Trade Cybee NFT in the future Marketplace ❖ The main trading currency in Cybee Ecosystem ❖ Update your Cybee and buy props in future Games

Invite To Earn

INVITE TO EARN is a game in that you can share your invite link to your friends anywhere, like Twitter, Telegram, etc. For each successfully invited mint, you will get generous ETH rewards and withdraw whenever you want!


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a month. So please stay tuned