Project Bio

COL NFT is a 2,555 NFT Collection that focuses and is defined by high quality Artwork.


COL NFT is back!

After the disaster on Luna, we have found an old partner in OnePlanet helping us to migrate to Polygon and being able to continue the project for the community members.

A Unique Art Style & NFT Collectible

The Unique Art Style is the first thing that differentiates Columbus Omnia Luna from most other NFT projects, not only on Terra but in the whole crypto space in general.

Exclusive Membership

All COL NFT holders are eligible to be part of the COL Private Club. Members of the COL Private Club will receive occasional Airdrops: think of Limited Edition NFTs, Holiday Themed NFTs, and discount vouchers for merchandise.
Furthermore, being a member of the COL Private Club also means that you will be automatically qualified for future NFT Collections through Early Access / Private Access. Being a COL Private Club member means you’ll never be able to miss out on upcoming activities.
And last but not least, as a COL Private Club member you’ll get a special status on Discord, for you to brag to with.


Future decisions and directions will be made by the community. As you know by now, every (big) decision we are making we are doing through community voting already on Discord. As an example: the community thinks a Collection of 10,000 NFTs is too big. As a result of the vote we will be scaling down the collection to 2,555 NFTs. 
This is just one (simple) example of the relationship between the community and the COL NFT Team we have in mind. COL NFT owners will have voting rights → determining on frequent and higher impact basis the direction COL NFT will be heading. Think of Art, Collections, partnerships, royalties, you name it. Community is the name of the game for us, how it should be.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned