Back-end Engineer

Job brief

We’re looking for a backend engineer responsible for curating the structure of server-side applications. backend engineering in OnePlanet includes developing internal/external API, automated background services, and optimizing and maintaining the infrastructure of OnePlanet marketplace.

️Role & Responsibility

Marketplace backend development and operation.
Automation and optimization of marketplace business pipelines
Development of blockchain data analysis and inquiry service

️ Joy & Possibilities

Experience in developing blockchain-based services in the Web3 environment
Opportunities to collaborate with creators, studios, and game companies in various fields

️ Minimum requirement

Backend project development experience
Proficient in at least one language among NodeJS, Python, and Go
Experience in NoSQL database operation
Experience in Rest API development and implementing scalable and secure server architecture and
Experience in distributing and managing services using Azure cloud services.
Experience in building/testing/deployment automation using Docker
Experience in code configuration management and maintenance using Git

️ Preference

Project-related experience
Those who have experience in blockchain-related projects or are interested in new technologies
Those who have participated in the data learning model-based recommendation system/search algorithm project
Experience in service development and operation using Github issue
Engineering related experience
Typescript-based service development experience
Experience in applying TDD (Test Drive Development) to production.
Experience in developing and distributing NPM packages or contributing to the open-source ecosystem
Experience with DevOps using Azure / AWS / GCP / MongoDB Atlas
Experience in the container environment.
Passion for EVM-based Smart Contract development or service introduction
Language and communication
Ability to communicate within the team and eagerness to find an optimal solution in a given situation
Fluency in English for data research, analysis, and communication