Billionaire Zombies Club

BillionaireZombiesClub is the P2E project, with amazing PFPs. They are bringing Web2 and Web3 utility to their community. Their main goal is to change a billion life’s, as they’re redefining what it means to be a billionaire.

Changing the way Web3 functions.

BillionaireZombiesClub started off as a 10K unique PFP project. Little did the creators know that the community would grow so strong around this and want to create a whole ecosystem. The DEV team put together the strategy of bringing the assets into the ecosystem that would be used for the Strongholds game ! BillionaireZombiesClub is so much more than just a game, it’s a community all aiming to redefine Web3 through professionalism and real world positive impact initiatives.
A sample from the Strongholds game.
BillionaireZombiesClub is providing utilities to their communities endlessly. They do this through offering WL spots , passes to events , members only events , discount codes to Web2 luxuries , and most of all their upcoming game !
What is the Strongholds game ?
In short Strongholds is a “capture the flag” style board game that will pit staking players against each other in a domination style game. All those who stake their land, zombies, kings, etc. will be placed on a randomly generated map and you guys can go at it. Move your zombie squads, attack other lands, join up with others, share resources and dominate the map. Time is of the essence because each “round” is time limited. But once that round is done, another round will be started for players to stake again.
It’s an asynchronous turn based game with asymmetrical interactions. Join the ecosystem today and form your alliances as you prep for combat !