Baby Bulls

Project Bio

Baby Bulls are a project by “The Bull Club” team. We are 10069 Unique Digital Art collectible with a strong community.

Baby Bulls

Baby Bulls was a charitable mint of 10069 unique NFTs, the project was a fast sell out & we achieved a floor of ~$300 with rare Baby Bulls changing hands for upward of $5000. In August 2022 we migrate our project to Polygon.
Baby Bulls are part of “The Bull Club”, a powerhouse project of NFT creators & believers. We were the highest charitable contributor on Terra in 2021/22, donating $210,000 to charity via the Angel Alliance. Our ethos at Baby Bulls is to create, build and give back. Baby Bulls are first and foremost digital collectable 2D art which contain traits of varying rarity, in our case the “Sword” trait being among the rarest. We have a game in development which we are now re working for launch on the Polygon chain, the game will be a “dash” Play & Earn concept and holders will be able to play as their own characters, trait rarities will play a part in rewards.
We have a project description and roadmap which you can read more about on our medium page. Our plan is to migrate & then mint any Baby Bulls that do not make the migration which aims to give Polygon users an opportunity to grab a Baby Bull at mint and join our community. We will then be focused on completing our play & earn game which will add an element of financial utility for holders while also working on additional features for the Baby Bulls which include cool developments (can’t give too much away), collaborations, and partnerships with established financial & metaverse related projects to add further utility to our NFTs.
If, like us you are a believer in NFTs as digital collectables and also the utilisation of blockchain technology to develop new & unique ways to add value to art/collectables then you are very welcome among our community. We are old school gamers, we are idealists… we are optimistic & hopeful, we are a collective! #BabyBulls


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned