🄰🅁 Cluster

Project Bio

Welcome to the 🄰🅁 Cluster , where high quality art  meets the brilliant minds of the NFT community.

🄰🅁 Cluster

A community-driven lore project.
🄰🅁 Cluster is an animated collection of non-generative NFTs.
What does that means? Every single planet is unique, 4k, animated and hand-made by our artist. That’s right, no assets swapping, no reskin, no recolor : When you own a planet in the Argon Cluster, you own a unique piece of art with its own unique lore.

Monthly Lore contests

At 🄰🅁 Cluster, we believe on delivering to the community right away. Every month after release, we will hold a lore contest in which every 🄰🅁 Cluster NFT owner will be able to participate.
Every month, an entirely new planet will be presented to the community on discord. All owners will able to submit a short description of said planet.
The top 3 submissions will be selected by 🄰🅁 Cluster to be voted on by the community. The winner will receive the planet as an airdrop and will cement their place as a lore historian of the Argon Cluster. They will be free to sell it at auction if they so choose.

Themes :

The first set of planets, 🄰🅁 Cluster : Pioneers, features 100 NFTs. While every planet of the cluster is unique, some can be categorized through 5 different themes, distributed as such :

Monolithic 33/100

Relics of an ancient time, monolithic planets are the legacy of a forgotten empire that spread across the Argon Cluster. Scars of civilizations long gone carve the stone surface of these lifeless worlds.

Minerals 25/100

The heavy presence of argon has caused some planets to entirely mutate into a single rare substance. Precious minerals that are usually scarce on other planets are found in inexhaustible quantities on these peculiar worlds. They are often the target of mining companies and smugglers.

Elementals 18/100

Wild and unstable, elemental planets are ravaged by natural cosmic forces. They act as immense power sources for those brave enough to harness their energy.

Edible 14/100

Edible planets are highly desired, calorically dense entities. They act as planet-sized food reserves and were the primary source of nutrients for the first settlers of the Argon systems.

Organic 10/100

Perhaps the most unbelievable event found in the Argon Cluster was the discovery of self-sustained planet-size living beings. They are by far the most remarkable and rare type of planet, and are long rumored to be sentient.


You will be able to find & trade the NFTs of this project only on OnePlanet in a few months. So please stay tuned